Anna Kabirova was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
She studied in Moscow and Milan, majoring in artist, fashion designer, perfumer.
Graduated from A.N. Kosygin Textile University, Faculty of Applied Arts, majoring in fashion design in Moscow. She received a master in STITUTOMARANGONI with a degree in fashion design, in Milan, Italy. Studied at Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera Milan, Italy. She studied at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery as a perfumer. Rodchenko School workshop "Modern art practices" (Russia, Moscow). At the moment he is studying in the "Free Workshops" of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia).
Her works have participated in exhibitions in Russia and Europe, in the Special Project of the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale (Yekaterinburg, Russia), in the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, in the OCA Festival of Contemporary Art Creative Ansaldo (Milan, Italy), ROJO@artspace Art 3 Biennale of Contemporary Art (Milan, Italy),Museum contemporary art Momma Moscow, Miroglio Museum (Alba, Italy), Roma First Gallery.(Rome, Italy), Brera Museum (Milan, Italy), and others. There were also solo exhibitions in Moscow . Currently lives and works in Moscow.
2021-2022 MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art "Free Workshops" (Russia, Moscow)
2021 Rodchenko School. Practices of contemporary art. (Russia, Moscow)
2020 Grasse Institute of Perfumery - a study of olfactory contemporary art, perfumer.
2011-2012 Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera (Milan, Italy) - Artist.
2008-2009 ISTITUTO MARANGONI (Milan, Italy) - fashion designer.
1998-2003 Kosygin Textile University, (Russia, Moscow) fashion designer, artist

2022 Mmoma group exhibition Moscow Museum of Modern Art
2022 group exhibition «Why art is needed now" Belyaevo gallery Moscow, Russia

2022 PROCESS C-41 group exhibition gallery NAZAVODGALLERY Moscow

2021 Group exhibition project "Folds of Consciousness" Milliart Gallery (Moscow)

2021. Special project of the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale Sinara Art Gallery "Onyat and cry" (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

2014. Group exhibition Museum of the Silver Age (Moscow, Russia)
2012. Participant of the Festival of Contemporary Art OCA Officine Creative Ansaldo (Milan, Italy)

2012. ART & FASHION Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani & Miroglio Group Elena Miro Group exhibition at the Miroglio Group Museum (Alba, Italy)

2011. Group exhibition ART & FASHION Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani & Miroglio Group Elena Miro Cappella di San Umberto di Reggia Ave Maria (Italy)

2011. ART & FASHION performance exhibition at the Roma First Gallery of Contemporary Art (Rome, Italy)

2011. Group exhibition at the Brera Gallery of the Brera Academy (Milan, Italy)

2011. Group exhibition 3 continenti -9 nazioni. With the support of the Ministry of Culture Milano, Accademia di Brera (Milan, Italy)

2010. Group exhibition in the gallery ROJO @ artspace Art 3 Biennale of Contemporary Art, (Milan, Italy)


2021. "The invisible language. Art under the Skin."Personal participatory inclusive research exhibition for blind visually impaired visitors 22 Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2014. Personal exhibition with the support of the Tibetan House in Moscow, M. I. Rudomino 


The main focus of my ideas is turned to the endless study of the anthropology of man of the present and future, his sensory organs, inclusion - complete immersion in a work of art through any mediums accessible to perception, directing attention to invisible to the eye matter. As well as the interaction of a person with himself, self-acceptance and space, mental activity and evolution.
Due to the frequent change of cultural and social environment, I study the problems of self-identification, difficulties of socialization, norms of interpersonal communication and languages.
In my works I often turn to philosophical texts, ontology and semiotics., I start a dialogue with artists and scientists.
I explore religious rituals and ancient texts of Asia, the East, Europe, Russia in ethnographic expedition trips, combining them with the rituals of the future I use in my projects and performances.
Studying an interdisciplinary field, I work at the junction of various techniques and directions: installation, performance, sculpture, olfactory art, painting, video art, sound art Science art. Most often I use smells in combination with sculpture, as this is directly related to my perception of the world through touch and smell, I often see images through smells, and I perceive space in bulk. Aesthetics and the concept of minimalism are close to me, and my palette of colors is a palette of smells, with this palette I paint monochrome forms.
At the moment I am working on inclusive, olfactory projects "Invisible Language" exploring ways of communication in society in the post-pandemic time and "Face ID. Ifquil" exploring the field of socialization and self-identification, the emergence of new languages in the field of inclusion, in interpersonal and interspecific communication at the intersection of science, digital and physical fields, in collaboration with scientists Skoltech University and their innovative developments .

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